Heavy Rotation

Studio Album by released in 2008
Heavy Rotation's tracklist:
I Can Feel You
The Way I See It
Absolutely Positively
In Summer
Heavy Rotation
Same Song
I Call It Love
All Fall Down
Never Gonna Love Again
You'll Be Fine
Beautiful Messed Up World

Heavy Rotation review

The little lady with the big voice

The little lady with the big voice is the nickname of American singer Anastacia for her unusually powerful and colorful soprano and a small height. In spite of the fact that the artist can boast of a handful of successful albums, a pretty number of memorable hits and wonderful tours she is more popular in Europe than in her native country. Beside the vocal career, Anastacia is well known as the clothes designer of her own line under S. Oliver trademark and her perfume Resurrection. Moreover, the performer is widely involved in philanthropy. The achievements and praiseworthy qualities could make quite a big list, especially taking in consideration the latest issues of this woman’s life. Some time ago, the singer surpassed an operation on her breast due to the cancer diagnosis and underwent a successful treatment for this harmful disease. In 2007, the artist married her long-time boyfriend, Wane Newton. Wane was her body keeper, and their three-year-long romance, which made us refresh the memory of the Body Guard film starring Whitney Houston and made the press raving, proved to be more than a mere passion. However, for about four years Anastacia was silent in the matter of music. Well, here it is! The singer finished her new album, which she called Heavy Rotation. According to the words of the singer herself, the disc was recorded almost on the spot, and every composition of this long-play had the charge of energy and inspiration, that visited Anastacia during her recording sessions.

Heavy Rotation: the refreshing charge of jolliness

The new creation of the singer, Heavy Rotation, features more upbeat and winding rhythms than its predecessors. Nevertheless, there are tracks that remind us the old good hits by Anastacia - thus, so is the disc opener I Can Feel You. It is followed by the sparkling pop tune The Way I See It with the upbeat catchy motif and decorated with the funky elements. The track Absolutely Positively is also noticeable for its funky sound, but it can also be remembered for the rich soulful vocals by the singer. The powerful composition Defeated demonstrates to the listeners the Anastacia’s decisive moods, she sings that she would never give up in the face of difficulties. The titling track Heavy Rotation is noticed by the artist her self as the album favorite not in vain - it has all the qualities of the must-be hit: the excellent danceable melody, amazing arrangement and, of cause, the gorgeous voice of Anastacia. The romantic song I Call It Love is very atmospheric with the moods of love and tenderness; it is a very lyrical thing. The tune Never Gonna Love Again became the slowest song on the Heavy Rotation disc. In this track, the artist emotionally and piercingly sings about love, which became the strongest feeling in her life and she is afraid not to love again if her sweetheart leaves her. The disc closes with the upbeat and energetic song Beautiful Messed Up World, which became the refreshing and poppy finishing of this wonderful long-play.

The long anticipated come back of Anastacia

It took the singer no less than four years to create a new record Heavy Rotation since the last release. For such a long term for the nowadays show business, the public can simply forget about artist - but not when we speak about Anastacia! The Queen of Pop Soul - as she was nicknamed by the listeners - firmly keeps her place in the hearts of her fans and does not seem to give it to anyone else. The disc Heavy Rotation became not only the return of the singer to the perfect vocal and physical form, but also a long-awaited work, which immediately made its way into the charts of numerable countries. On the cover of the disc, you can see a beautiful and self-assured woman - and that is what you get from Anastacia on the disc itself. Her voice is still flexible and expressive, while the arrangements of the tracks and lyrics became more sophisticated. Besides, the more upbeat rhythms on Heavy Rotation demonstrate the new, better direction in the performer’s life - so she decided to show it on the disc with the help of excellent danceable compositions. Although the former hits by Anastacia, which are the classics of pop music, are still up to date and infectious, her new full-length is sure to be a big and pleasant surprise for the listeners. Having an astonishing feeling for the fashionable tendencies in music, the singer embodied all the current influences of the pop music in her album Heavy Rotation. Even if you appreciate other musical direction, you are sure to be impressed by the rich vocals of the singer.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (01.11.2008)
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