Aimee Mann was born and brought up in the state of Virginia, USA. She finished the high school there and moved to Boston to study in the Berklee College Of Music. However, she dropped in order to sing in her punk-rock band The Young Snakes. In 1982, the band released the debut album Bark Along With The Young Snakes, after which Aimee left the collective. In 1983, she formed the new wave command 'Til Tuesday along with her friend Michael Hauseman and successfully performed in this group for about seven years. The first their disc Voices Carry was a success in the USA, while the video for the titling song became the MTV classics. Two more albums were released - Welcome Home and Everything's Different Now - and Mann played the clue role in writing the material for both. In 1990, the artist decided to go solo.

It should be noticed that after the breakup with Hauseman, Mann met singer-songwriter Micheal Penn. They dated during 80's and 90's, and finally married in 1998. Aimee worked for three years over her solo debut Whatever, which was noticed by the public for excellent tracks. The next work I'm With The Stupid, released in 1995, saw critical approval, but failed to become a best-seller. The Geffen Records refused Aimee to issue her Bachelor No. 2 album, as the heads of the label saw no potential hits on it. During the conflict with the label, Mann became close with her husband's friend, film director Paul Thomas Anderson. In 1999, Anderson shot a brilliant film Magnolia, the soundrack of which featured several songs by Mann. She received the Grammy nomination and the Academy Award for the track Save Me. Disappointed at the label politics, Aimee Mann founded her own studio SuperEgo Records in 1999.

In 2000, Aimee Mann released independently her album Bachelor No. 2, which contained several tracks, featured in Magnolia. In 2002, the singer recorded the unusual and experimental pop disc Lost In Space. Two years later, the conceptual full-length The Forgotten Arm, devoted to 70's, saw light. The independent status gave the singer the opportunity to state openly her political views and take part in different movements - for example, she plays an active part in the Artists Against Piracy organization, which fights against free and illegal distribution of the licensed music. In 2006, the artist announced her wish to issue the Christmas long-play One More Drifter In The Snow. It featured covers for classical celebratory songs and the original composition by Aimee Calling On Mary. In July 2007, the tuneful single 31 Days anticipated the release of Aimee's new disc with the eccentric title @#%&*! Smilers. This unique indie release amused the listeners with excellent compositions, filled with all shades of emotions.

Studio Albums

Aimee Mann, Mental Illness mp3Mental Illness
  • Folk Rock
Aimee Mann, Charmer mp3Charmer
  • Pop
  • Folk Pop
Aimee Mann, @#%&*! Smilers mp3@#%&*! Smilers
On her seventh creation quite unusually entitled @#%&*! Smilers Aimee Mann sings once again about the past and the present, turns to introspection and also shares with the listeners some of the her viewpoints on various life aspects
  • Pop/Rock
Aimee Mann, One More Drifter in the Snow mp3One More Drifter in the Snow
  • Adult Contemporary
Aimee Mann, The Forgotten Arm mp3The Forgotten Arm
  • Folk Pop
  • Pop/Rock
Aimee Mann, Lost in Space mp3Lost in Space
  • Pop/Rock
Aimee Mann, I'm With Stupid mp3I'm With Stupid
  • Folk Rock
  • Pop/Rock
Aimee Mann, Whatever mp3Whatever
  • Pop/Rock

Compilation albums

Aimee Mann, Ultimate Collection mp3Ultimate Collection
  • Folk Rock
  • Pop Rock