Before I Self Destruct

Studio Album by released in 2009
Before I Self Destruct's tracklist:
The Invitation
Then Days Went By
Death to My Enemies
So Disrespectful
Psycho (feat. Eminem)
Hold Me Down
Crime Wave
Strong Enough
Get It Hot
Gangsta's Delight
I Got Swag
Baby by Me (feat. Ne-Yo)
Do You Think About Me
OK, You're Right
Could've Been You (feat. R. Kelly)

Before I Self Destruct review

Strength stoke in the hard fights for life and honor in 50 Cent’s performance

In order to understand the meaning of practically entire rapper 50 Cent’s creative work one should know something about his past: the early loss of mother and hard childhood in the poor block, troubles with the law, injuries, shooting – that is everything that has in fact made Curtis Jackson one of the most powerful figures in hip hop industry. His positions in it are so firm that it is not necessary for the artist to work constantly on the new material, perform with shows, make public statements or be shot in commercials. From the very beginning of his rapping career 50 Cent has worked himself a reputation based on scandals, hype, being in the center of press’ and audience’s attention all the time. As for his creations each of them really deserves the highest acclaim but it is the hype around his persona that helps the records to be sold out with a crazy velocity. The rapper’s performance each time conquers with the self-confidence and some darkly indifferent calmness behind which one cannot but feel his strength, stoke in the hard fights for life and honor. Such is 50 Cent’s fourth studio album Before I Self Destruct which starts a new chapter in his creative work.

Before I Self Destruct is more aggressive than all other albums

Unlike the prevailing part of 50 Cent’s previous works there are very little collaborations on Before I Self Destruct but the album offers the impressive synthesizer accompaniments in their full against which the rapper’s confident and calm sounding results the best. As for the songs’ themes he has decided to get back to where he started in this respect – not without a reason for the album release coincides with his breakthrough album Get Rich Or Die Trying sixth anniversary. Listening to Before I Self Destruct you get in the New-York blocks’ dark streets full of danger and law-breaking, at the same time looking for entertainment, paying attention to all the pretty female representatives, fight for your right and learn the value of easy money. Basically little is changed but this is not exactly so. According to 50 Cent himself the new album is more aggressive than all the others, and that is what all the following works are going to be like. From the very first sounds of the opening insistent song The Invasion it is clear what the rapper meant – this is a dark, bold and even heavy ode to street life. A very clear and severe message of the track Death To Enemies also confirms the artist’s words while So Disrespectful proves to be one of the frankest on the album. Traditionally Eminem joins his protégée on the composition Psycho, melodious, sullen and deceivingly soft, the same atmosphere continues on a lazy number Hold Me Down. One should note such songs among the album’s highlights as the threatening Crime Wave, Gangsta's Delight of the same topic, with 50 Cent’s great trademark rapping, a melodious song Baby By Me featuring Ne-Yo, a bit playful Ok, You're Right. The album closes with the composition Could've Been You featuring R. Kelly with successful audio effects and a memorable tune.

A sullen atmosphere, a slight shade of boldness and black humor

The album Curtis released in 2007 was initially planned as a follow-up to Before I Self Destruct but at that moment 50 Cent realized that it was not yet the right time for the record and released Curtis first. Thus it is quite a time that the rapper has had the material for the new album although then it was not its definitive variant. In the past two years the artist has made several changes in his creation, and although starting from the beginning of the year a number of single has been released most of these compositions will not find themselves on that version of Before I Self Destruct which will finally be in stores in November. Obviously getting inspiration from the events of his own life which can be by no means called boring 50 Cent creates albums in advance. Before I Self Destruct offers 16 tracks with different moods but the entire album is integral with the general sullen atmosphere and a slight shade of boldness and black humor. 50 Cent that knows what he’s worth perfectly well will release the best hits compilation and then his new and more impressive works are going to follow for the rapper is sure to already have the material for them.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (09.11.2009)
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